The Problem, The Solution

The Problem: Why The RoadMap Series

In these times, we are subjected to a glut of information. At the same time, people are always in a rush, whether going somewhere or doing something. They want their information to be easily accessible, quick and to the point. With this in mind, we created a unique new system for delivering concise and pertinent information.

A Solution: The Philosophy Behind The RoadMap Series

Most college students go through their typical textbook and highlight the important facts. In fact, many of us use this approach when reading non-fiction. Well, what if you could take all those yellow highlighted sentences that you just underlined in your book and put them all into a new book? You essentially would remove all the optional information and only keep the important facts. You maybe turned a 300-page book into a 20-page book.

Now, what if a different approach was used, instead of laying out those 20 pages of information into a book format? What if we formatted the content onto a single sheet of paper in the form of a roadmap, and presented this in a rich graphical and entertaining format?

This basic RoadMap concept is based on combining two different mediums-- books and roadmaps. Both are symbols of information, but roadmaps have been typically used for geographic information and books for textual information. What if “self-help” topics (non-fiction) that were once considered only domains of books could be presented as a roadmap?

Roadmaps are more graphical and concise. The medium is usually presented on one large page, so referencing is simplified, and all the information can be seen in one glance. Thus we have The RoadMap series of booklets.