Interested in Writing and Producing a RoadMap?

As you’re probably aware, writing a RoadMap title is slightly different than writing a normal book. It can best be described as condensing a 300-page book down to about 20 pages. It should contain all the highlights of a normal book, but be written in a style where the reader can get up-to-speed on the subject in a matter of minutes.

The RoadMap style is a basic outline of the subject matter, covering all the highlights and leaving out all the unnecessary verbiage. The style is fast paced, with a pinch of humor and tons of production value. One way to pick up the RoadMap style is to read one of our maps.

A RoadMap book is more akin to a movie or comic book than a textbook. Half of the Roadmap book is text and half is illustrations. As the author, you are not only responsible for the text; you are also responsible for naming the streets and contributing ideas for the illustrations.

Because RoadMap books are generally restricted to 10,000 words, the books are written at a much quicker pace than a normal self-help book. A production cycle is usually 3-6 months.